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Timothy's Odyssey

Timothy's Odyssey by scorpioscope


My name is Timothy Stern. I am a simple young man with just one secret. I am happy. How, you ask, could such a matter be named a secret? 
In a world of blackmail, fraud and murder, it is not unlikely to get your head cut off for smiling just a simple smile. I've had my share of misfortunes, of course, but somehow they never managed to extinguish the fire of true joy. The blood that got spilled over the face of our beautiful planet could not drown me in sorrow and disbelief. I have already been judged by God and all other deities, during one of my hallucinogenic wanderings, which brought down the weight of the world on my head. I was able to transform those divine creatures for my own creative power and bow my head in dignity. 
Afterwards my body was weak and producing very peculiar fluids, which I will ignore to describe for the sake of healthy appetite, which led me to belief there is but one way to get up again. Setting free my imagination and destroying all cynical clusters which keep tormenting the eternal soul, as they feed glutinously on Fear's cadaver. Every individual needs to understand his or her personal doubts to maintain the balance between childish amazement and the mind-blowing jump into risky business. 
There is no simple way to put it, because I am certain our minds are lost in the growing maze of endless possibilities. To map it out would require extreme diligent and meticulous calculations of all possible connections between the mindful maze, the inner self and the outside world. For this I have developed various attributes and started up a team to help me progress my studies for human evolution. I do admit this might sound ludicrous to human ears, but I am positively sure this is a risk I am willing to take. 

Understanding is just a first layer of the mind's capacities. Love is its core.