Korte track opgedragen aan Hans Zimmer.

Soundtrack Femme de le Rue

Muziek dat ik gecomponeerd heb voor de korte documentaire van Sofie Peeters.


Kabalevsky OrchExperiment

For my Master Thesis! Hope the experiment will get some response!



Training Station

Training Station by scorpioscope just a little fun I had, nothing big


People constantly believe they have to figure out ways to outsmart death, instead of figuring out ways to live. Grant me to build a metaphor.
The future is always unknown and because it is unknown we subconsciously link it to a feeling of death, the ultimate abyss. We feel helpless and try to figure out ways to avoid living in constant fear and doubt. We teach ourselves to follow straight lines which help us to create illusionary goals in life and give us purpose and meaning. We try to keep our balance as we carefully take a step forward on this fine line. The line hangs above the abyss and somewhere behind the dark fog we believe there is another side we can reach when we follow that straight line. It will lead our soul to salvation. 
I can't help but wonder, is it not better to just leave those lines behind and jump into the illusionary abyss? Because, when walking straight forward we are constantly obliged to follow a goal we created in a distant past and evidently feel disconnected with an ever evolving world. There also is a notion of time which is far more tiresome while walking constantly on the same line at the same pace, when we could actually open up to the abyss and jump in. We will discover a whole lot of things flying towards us that demand for us to rely upon creativity and make ourselves accountable in the moment. 
Music, specifically, works this way. Expectations are created the moment the first sounds struck our ears, and whenever the music evolves we evolve with it, feeding the imagination which in its turn feeds on your personal experience in life. The soil from which you build up your life garden, should get your full attention and make you get out there to discover new and inspiring influences that will help you to love the grass, the trees and those birds that flutter around in your imagination.

I'm trying to get rid of a linear concept of life and try to invoke a more organic concept. Well not actually get rid of the linearity but consider it to be a tool that can be used appropriately on specific occasions, rather than it to be a way of life.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.